Terms of Service

Crisis House Emergency Shelter

Admission Requirements:
     Be Free of Drugs and Alcohol while residing at the Shelter
     Heads of households are 18 years of age or older
     Not  already served within the past 12 months
     Must complete a background check at the Georgetown Police Department
     and be free of any outstanding warrants, sexual offences orr violent offences

Northport Transitional Apartments

Admission Requirements:
     Single head of household with minor children
     Employed and neet to attend training classes
     Able to pay rent, utilities and living expenses
     Pass a criminal background check
     Maintain a clean and orderly home subject to monthly inspections
     Maintain an Alcohol and Drug Free Household
     Complete a comprehensive application and undergo screening interview
     Willing to participate in the program workshops and Case Management 
     activities provided by the agency

Samuel J. Kauffman House (SJK House)

Admission Requiremennts:
     Employed single or two parent family with minor children
     Must provide evidence of steady work history
     Must be wilingg to participate in all program requirements
     Must have a verifiable rental history
     Must complete a criminal background check
     Maintain an Alcohol and Drug FREE Household
     Maintain a clean and orderly home subject to monthly inspections

Preference will be given to:
     Couples amrried with 2 to 4 children
     Single parent families with 2 to 4 children
     Families who have previously been in the Crisis House, Northport or other
     emergency shelter or transitional housing program and are ready for a
     homeownership program
     Families who are presently in public housing and receiving comprehensive
     case management and are ready for a homeownership program 


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