Services Offered By: Sussex Community Crisis Housing Services, Inc.

Crisis House Emergency Shelter
110 N. Railroad Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947

Crisis House is an emergency shelter for homeless men, women and children primarily in Sussex County but will accept admissions from throughout the state. Admissions are accepted on a first come first serve basis when space is available. The shelter houses 20 adults and 5 children at any given time. It is a 30 day emergency program with comprehensive cost free services including three daily meals, counseling and referral assistance. Workshops, housing and job search assistance is also provided. All residents are expected to maintain a level of respect and decorum for the other residents and must abide by house rules and actively pursue housing and employment opportunities. Crisis House is an alcohol and drug free resident.

Admission Requirements:

  •      Homeless
  •      Be free of drugs and alcohol while residing at the shelter
  •      Heads of households are 18 years of age or older
  •      Not already served within the past 12 months
  •      Must complet a background check at the Georgetown Police department and
         be free of any outstanding warrants, sexual offences or violent offences.

Northport Transitional Apartments
204 E. North Street
Georgetown, DE 19947

Northport Transitional Apartments is a five unit building which houses 5 single parent families with minor children. Admission criteria require that heads of households be working at least part-time and enrolled in an educational upgrade or training program. Such programs could range from remediation to college level courses. Additionally, they must be willing to participate in all program activities. Parents must be employed sufficiently enough to afford rent, utilities and living expenses. As in all our programs, staff provides the residents with a variety of advocacy services designed to facilitate and expedite the achievement of family self sufficiency. Historically, the resident have learned quickly to "juggle" the multiple responsibilities of work, school, children and home management. Residents are assisted in resolving credit issues and striving toward housing independence. The maximum length of stay at Northport is two years.

Admission Requirements:

  •      Single head of household with minor children
  •      Employed and attend training classes
  •      Able to pay rent, utilities and living expenses
  •      Pass a criminal background check
  •      Maintain a clean and orderly home subject to monthly inspection
  •      Maintain a alcohol and drug free household
  •      Complete a comprehensive application and undergo screening interview
  •      Willing to participate in the program workshops and case management
         activities provided by the agency

Samuel J. Kauffman House
Georgetown, DE 19947

The SJK House is a single family residence that provides transitional housing services to a family with minor children for a maximum of 2 years. The program promotes homeownership and requires the family to participate in fnancial counseling, credit counseling and enroll in a homeownership program. The family must be employed and able to  pay all living expenses including a monthly rental fee, utilities and other household expenses.

Admission Requirements:

  • Employed single or two parent family with minor children
  • Must provide evidence of steady work history
  • Must be willing to participate in all program requirements
  • Must have a verifiable rental history
  • Must complete a criminal background check
  • Maintain a alcohol and drug free household
  • Maintain a clean and orderly home subject to monthly inspections

    Preference will be given to:
  • Couples, married with 2 to 4 children
  • Single parent families with  2 to 4 children
  • Families who have previously been in the Crisis House, Northport or other emergency shelters or transitional housing programs and are ready for a homeownership program
  • Families who are presently in public housing and receiving comprehensive case management and are ready for a homwownership program.        
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